Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Jukebox: 불금 Edition (Now with more white go-go boots!)

Yeah, yeah, I know: I already did one "gangnam style" video. Let me explain why I love this one.

When I was in the service I got some little glimpses of Asian troops and an even smaller look at their policemen. But from what little I could see the ROK coppers were some seriously badass motherfuckers. They had a reputation in the Eighties for laying whopping beatdowns on the kids that used to protest against the Chun Doo-hwan dictatorship.

They and their ROK Army pals just seemed very tough and humorless. And while I'm sure they were and are tough, almost everybody has a silly, funny side, and this little gangnam-style parody video catches the ROK coppers in a silly moment, and I get a hell of a chuckle out of that.

BTW: the Hangul phrase in the title comes from here, and is descriped as: "...short for 불타는 금요일 (bul-ta-neun geum-yo-eel), which translates as “burning Friday”. It roughly translates as TGIF, and also has the connotation, “let’s go out and drink!” Use it along with the phrase “끝까지 달리자” (ggeut-gga-jee dal-li-ja), “let’s run until the end”, if you’re having a hardcore party night at the end of the week."

That's cool.

And - since we were talking about women just now - THESE women look like they could lay a serious beatdown on the ROK cops.

Except, military fashion tip, gals; that color AKM machine-pistol just doesn't work with the white vinyl go-go boots. Doesn't. It's tryin', but the whole "Heavily Armed Carnaby Street" look doesn't.

Trust me. You might give Siree and Talyssa a ring for, y'know, a little stylin' advice. The girls will set you straight. Or kick your ass; they're cute, but they're also diggers. Don't let the adorable-as-a-fluffy-kitten thing fool ya.

Hope you and your go-go boots are planning a hardcore party night tonight.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

I feel so cheated. I WAS the gogo boot generation and never owned a pair. The Minotaur went to play with the ROK guys on exercise a great deal; they are serious folk indeed. And Friday night...serious battalion party time with the commander. Trouble is Saturday morning was duty day: Minotaur and all the other SF guys were out there at dawn, hiding their need to die. The battalion commander was dragging his troops out, screaming abuse because they couldn't party and hardy as the Americans.

But the Minotaur STILL does not want to talk about soju.

FDChief said...

Soju; now THAT shit will mess you up. Damn tasty, though, and plunk me down in front of a bottle of sweet potato soju and a big ol' plate of jeon and I'm a happy boy...

FDChief said...

That and I'm sorry you never got the chance; I'll bet you would have ROCKED the go-go boots.

ROKs. Yeah; we had a platoon of ROK Marines that spent a couple of weeks or so at Ft. Bragg and those guys were fucking insane. They'd party all night and then fall in at 0400 for PT, run like eight miles at top speed, hit the O-course, and then their platoon daddy would fall them in at attention and lay a beatdown on the first guy who twitched.

Good times.

Leon said...

Chief, you're mistaken. The lovely ladies in pink are actually the guards for Chinese Disneyland.

Though I must say, maybe our armed forces in the west could learn something from these communist/former communist nations (e.g. China, Russia) over the uniforms for their female soldiers. (I kid ladies, I kid).

And yes, Gangham Style is a guilty pleasure.