Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Way Riot; "Troops of Doom"

Beavering away on the Rhineland 1936 for March, but I wanted to take just a moment to recommend one of my secret vices; Troops of Doom.

What the fuck is a "Troops of Doom"? I hear you ask.

Well, imagine what you would do if you were a grown-up science fiction geek with a lingering love of all those little poseable dolls - sorry, "action figures" - you collected in your G.I. Joe and Star Wars periods and just couldn't bring yourself to give up.

Add to that you had a camera, a lot of time on your hands, mad diorama skilz, and a quirky sense of humor?

You'd probably create a webcomic where the Star Wars stormtroopers and the G.I. Joes and their COBRA adversaries faced off in the three-way free-for-all knockdown-drag-out. Oh, yeah, and you'd throw in those goofy LEGO guys as some sort of freakish super-alien wierdos with mysterious "LEGOtech" powers as the object of all three sides' greed, right?

Add you'd in a wickedly funny gift for dialogue.

And there you'd have "Troops of Doom".

Anyway, aside from recommending the comic to my regular readers I don't know of George Lucas reads this blog. I kinda doubt it, but...if you're reading this; George, dude, you NEED to become a regular reader of "Troops of Doom" because your last couple of movies pretty much sucked pipe, and I hear your talking about making another three and you could do a lot - I mean a REAL lot - worse than hire this guy to write your script.

I guaranfuckingtee he can do better then "I hate sand."

Okay; back to work. But, seriously, check it out; ToD is a total hoot. And you can say I said so.

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Syrbal/Labrys said...

I needed some comic relief...since I am very much in a solitary 'troop of doom' mode myself just now....oh, yes, Wrath IS my "sin"....I think it also needs to be a cinnamon pastry, but that could be biased of me.