Friday, March 29, 2013

The Square Deal

Missy has been inspired by her mom's sewing-craftiness to try her own hand at quiltmaking:

Of course the dominant color is pink. Duh! Princesses always use pink. I do like the subversive bits of black in there; I sense a touch of future Goth Princess there.

Clearly Lily the Cat approves.

What do you think?


Talyssa said...

Ahaha aww this is so cute!!

And definitely, I think you have a goth princess in the making!!

This has my stamp of approval!

Big Daddy said...

I think this is the gateway drug to Gothic Lolita and other Japanese weirdness.

Lisa said...

This reminds me of my pleasure as a girl spreading things out in my domain, making my own designs (or chaos!) It is good for a young person to feel that free, to place her stamp on the world in that way. It is such a necessary expansion that, as adults, we do not often feel.

She is very tidy, artistic and organized in her self-expression. Lovely.

FDChief said...

Missy is a very self-sufficient little person; she is just as you'd suspect from her design. Unlike her brother, who needs constant external stimulation, she is perfectly happy drawing or looking at pictures or playing by herself.

Her latest thing is crocheting (or "double crocheting" as she insists...). She has crocheted the cat a collar, which the cat...well, I'll have to post the picture so you can see how much the cat likes it.

But she enjoys herself immensely, and that's really all it takes...

Lisa said...

Missy and I share the self-contained aspect. As long as I had crayons, or fabric and glue and drawing paper, I was absorbed for hours. (It is still easy for me to go inside of myself and find great pleasure in the simplest distraction.)

I will await the crocheted cat collar, but I hear the wee beasties are not known for enjoying neckties ;) Maybe it's that they don't like to be "owned" in our way, of imprinting their bodies with some bejewelled collar.