Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am the Eyes of Nostradamus


Here's my best shot at seeing the future (and the actual results...):

Federal: Obama (D) 52%, McCain (R) 47% (I'm amazing - got it within 1%! Yay, Obama! Yay, me!)

Oregon Federal:

Senate - Smith (R) 54% Merkeley (D) 46% (Much closer - effectually tied, with an edge in votes to the Democrat. This would be an outstanding and delightful surprise)

U.S. House - No change - HR1 (Wu, D) HR2 (Walden, R) HR3 (Blumenauer, D) HR4 (DeFazio, D) and HR5 (Hooley, D) all reelected without significant challenge (and that is, in fact, the case)

State offices: State, Treasurer, AG - incumbents (all D's) all reelected comfortably (Yep)

Ballot Measures:
54 (School board elections) - Pass, 55-58% (no data)
55 (Redistricting) - Pass, 50-52% (no data)
56 (Supermajority) - Fail, 48% (Pass 55-45! Terrific job, Oregonians!)
57 (Prison for minor felons) - Pass, 51-53% (Pass, 61-39)
58 (ESL limits) - Fail, 46% (Fail, 46-54, I'm just that good...)59 (Fed tax deduction) - Fail, 49% (Fail, 37-63, or not...but I'm glad it failed)
60 (Teacher merit pay) - Fail, 46% (Fail 40-60 Other people must be just as sick of Bill Sizemore as I am...)
61 (Prison for minor felons) - Pass, 52-55% (Pass, 51-49 but fails because 57 got more votes.)
62 (Lottery for law enforcement) - Pass, 52% (Fail, 40-60! Terrific!)
63 (No permits/inspections for DIY) - Fail, 49% (Fail 45-55)
64 (No payroll deductions) - Fail, 44% (Pass 51-49 Well, shit)
65 (Open primaries) - Pass, 53% (Fail 34-66. Hunh...)

"In the east the wind is blowing the boats across the sea
And their sails will fill the morning and their cries ring out to me
Oh, Oh, Oh, the more it changes, the more it stays the same
And the hand just re-arranges the players in the game"


Publius said...

You guys reelected that hamburger, the empty suit Smith? Shame on ya. I know you're trying to be bizarro, but no matter what you do, you ain't gonna outdo California.

New Oregon tourist slogan: "We're almost as crazy as California." Or, "We're Number Two, we're number two."

FDChief said...

Publius: Wait! Wait! We're only half as crazy - we booted the guy, not by much, but we kicked him to the curb. Yaaaay, us!

Meghan H said...

It was looking grim on Wed. morning, but by Thurs. afternoon, the NO votes on M64 had overtaken the YES's. I am much relieved...and glad that my fellow Dem's in Multnomah & Lane county saw M64 for what it was. Another lame attempt by Bill Sizemore to take down those he hates most -- the unions that represent our public employees (teachers, fire-fighters, police.)