Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Rains Come to Stay

So Mojo gets out her grow-light to keep off the wintertime blues.Little Miss loves Mommy's bright light and wants to sit with her every morning. Mojo reads and does the bookkeeping, Missy draws wonderful ovals and squiggles that she says are "Max", "Mommy", Shea-Shea", "kitties" and "Daddy".She couldn't resist showing off for the camera though.Big brother Peeper spent some time playing nicely with his baby sister today, for which he received many a hearty spanking.After the kids get up and about it's time for Fat Nitty and Miss Lily to take possession of the bed. Here they are engaging in competetive loafing.I think that Nitty's winning.

In case you're wondering - and I'm quite sure you're not - the title of this post is from another post, that is, a short story, from a collection of stories called "Comrade Don Camillo" that was written in the 1950s and 60s, along with a bunch of other Don Camillo stories about a little town on northern Italy and the characters that lived in the imagination of the Italian author and journalist Giovaninno Guareschi.

I was introduced to these stories when I was very young - I think I read the first one sometime in junior high school so, say, about 1970. I had no idea what the Cold War meant to Europe, where the hell the Po Valley was or anything else about the people in the stories. But they were wonderful stories, full of strange humor and characters I'd never even thought of thinking of.

Oh - just to break in here - Missy has figured out that the massaging shower head is even more fun that flinging the water out of the tub by hand. Cunning girl.

Anyway, I think I titled another post sometime away back "Blue Sunday". Why, here it is. Another Don Camillo story; you can see my mind is like a pack-rat's nest. It never throws anything away, just hoards it in some crevice until it wants it again.

So if you have a moment and feel the urge, spend some time with the big priest and the big Red mayor from the little Tuscan town. You might find you're glad you did. I hope so, anyway.

It's late and time for bed. But I'll drop in tomorrow. Saw an odd little movie and it's been on my mind; got some things to say about it.


Red Sand said...

Does the grow-light work? We have sunrise-simulator alarm clock and it has helped with the dark mornings. Ironically, it's lighter in the room at night, since there are no leaves on the trees to block the glow from the streetlights...

FDChief said...

RS: I think it's just a regular incandescent light that amps up the solar portions of the light spectrum to get you the - is it Vitamin D? - bennies you get from normal sunlight. The girls sit in front of it for 30 minutes every morning - Mojo thinks it's helping her feel better in our cold and rainy winter...

sheerahkahn said...

"Competitive loafing"
I would like to start competing in does one train for it?
I just got back from a little mountain man rendezvous, and I have to say that for the three days I was up in the woods I got a good cleansing of the spirit.
Something about seeing the stars shining like a sea of diamonds on black velvet at 2:30 in the morning with a pile of dying embers to ward off the chill.
Yes, a very good cleansing of the spirit.
The next time you get clear skies, pop on out at O'dark thirty, and check it out...just take it all in.
BTW, I understand that a sunlamp in the bathroom is a wonderful thing as well as keeping one warm when one gets out of the shower.
Competitive loafing though...that just made my

FDChief said...

Sheerah: Glad you got out to the "purity of the woods". I love getting so far out in Eastern Oregon away from human light that the Milky Way girds the heavens like a belt and the night seems ablaze with stars.

And the kitties would chuckle, if they could be bothered to wake up for it. Meee-ow!