Monday, November 17, 2008

This is only a test...

...of the overcommitted blogging system.Too much going on and too little time to post about it. I'll try and get something up tonight; there was WAY too much good kid stuff (and adult stuff, although not adult stuff in "that way") (...or "Back of the car… not the rear entry situation" as George Clooney would clarify) to miss.

And especially today I'm thinking about my friends in Austin who should be hearing when their appointment with parental destiny is going to occur. Good luck, Mom and Dad; the sooner the better!

Update 11/18: Well, I came home to a little boy stricken with the Kindergartener's Revenge and a little girl who was all-Daddy, all the time. So no bloggage, so sorry.

But - the Austin ALTs are going to China! Yaayyyy!!! They will meet their little boys on December 7th, a day that will Live in Kidfamy. So Happy Pearl Harbor Day, you four! I should note that, based on the picture on your blog, the little Allfather promises to be a right little devil. Are you ready for cuteness with a Side of Naughty? Hope so - too late to back out now!

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walternatives said...

from your blog to Destiny's ear, Chief....

looking forward to hearing about your Good Stuff soon.