Friday, November 28, 2008

Kissy Kung Fu

Anyone else working today?I've got some soil backfill testing today, thank you SO much, Portland Development Commission.

This little video tickles me on several levels. I love the Bollywood musical number because...well, because I love Bollywood musical numbers. I love the "Pucca in a sari/Garu in the Bollywood-hero-1980s-urban-douchebag-complete-with-gradient-lens-sunglasses" costumes. And I love Pucca because, frankly, if you have little peeps and you're not going to die on the "You watch educational TV or you go read a book" hill you're gonna watch some pretty awful KidVid. And Pucca is one of the more bearable kid vid shows.

Those of you still reading obviously share my affections, so for you, here's the entiretly of "Pucca: Hooray for Bollywood!"


Red Sand said...

I'm out there working along with you. Then again, my Thanksgiving was last month.

pluto said...

I was also in the office yesterday but for only half a day. I couldn't listen to your video clips for fear of alerting my neighbors that not all of my thoughts were work-related.

I listened to it last night and thought it was strange but enjoyable stuff.