Saturday, November 01, 2008

Samhain Night

You knew this was coming, right?

Here's a selection from last night's Hallowe'en fun...The picture below is the best I can give you of Missy's "starter" costume, the Littlest Witch.And here she is "hat on" - the poor quality is in direct relation to a) poor lighting and b) the speed at which I had to point and shoot to catch Little Miss with the witchy hat on. She HATED the witchy hat.But everyone ELSE luuuuurved the witchy hat.Peeper was polymorphous: he started as Darth Vader but he loved his clone trooper helmet too much to leave it at home. So here's the Dark Lord of the Sith as a young trooper in the early days of the Clone Wars...I have to say that Mojo decorated the witchy hat in a devastatingy Samantha Stevens-ish way. Bewitched!So off they went into the night, hunting for loot...Missy loved her little pumpkin full of treats. Note that by now she has added her "additional" costume, the fluffy jacket with the little pony-head-hood, which she ALSO hated and shoved back as often as possible. So she basically ended up looking like a cute little Asian girl wearing a Halloween outfit and a furry brown jacket. The sacrifices we make for style...The two little spooky trick-or-treaters worked the streets until they were tired out and then it was time for home and a treat and bed.Hope you and yours had a very Happy Halloween!


walternatives said...

Not only did I know it was coming, I was hoping, too. Since we can't be there to celebrate with y'all, this is the next best thing...
Thanks for all the pics.

atomic mama said...

Aw, shoot - I wish we'd gotten more pix out and about. These are all great! Your lovely fam rocked the night. What about your costume??

I tried to keep the big witch hat on, but it was windy last night.

sheerahkahn said...

I always call Halloween night "The night terrorists!"

Running all over town with their masks on, holding up respectable folks for whatever sweet morsels they be hording for themselves, and generally hanging on the door bell all night long demanding their share of my stash!
The little masked bandits!

Of course, this year I insisted we give out some decent candy, so the wife went out and bought a large bag of candy bars...yes, our house was very popular Halloween night.