Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Achtung - Häschen!

There are things about my mispent youth in the U.S. Army that sometimes lead me badly, badly astray.

My sense of humor is one of them.
For surely, no gently-reared human being should find "Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer" amusing.
For surely, combining the gentle anthromorphic bunny-and-kitten tropes of Beatrix Potter with the savage military nihilism of Sven Hassel would be the act of a brutally psychotic maniac.
And yet, there I was...
...laughing my maniac ass off at this stuff.
(and here you thought I was going to say "...pinned down by a deadly hail of Jap fire.")
But if I am a maniac I am also nothing if not a contrary maniac, and that's an entirely different war-story.


Leon said...

Well Chief, if you liked rabbits with panzerfausts, then you should like this:

Rabbits with modern firearms...

FDChief said...


Been there:

Blogged that:

Love it. But goddamn YouTube keeps deleting the video.

GI rabbits versus Arab camels - gotta be a treat..!

Lisa said...

Love it! I've always loved Beatrix Potter, and this is a delightful warping of the bad bunny.

rangeragainstwar said...

did u do the art work on the bugger bunny?

Anonymous said...

Talk about your "Fierce Bad Rabbit!"

Love it!

FDChief said...

jim: The original artwork was done by the guys who did the parody; Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine, in the 1988 The Book of Revelations

Funny, tho. Wish I'd thought of it.