Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Revolution Will Have Cool Mittens

My pal Lee - who is an all-around awesome person and a walking example of how smart Italian-American girls grow up to be smart and beautiful Italian-American women - loves to knit.

And she is also a huge Linkin Park fan and just a kick-ass gal, so she doesn't knit little lace doilys, she knits fingerless combat mittens in black and red anarchist colors perfect for getting a good grip on that tear-gas canister to hurl back at the riot squad during the next Occupy Portland protest.
Because revolution isn't about just smashing the State.
There must also be cool mittens.


Ael said...

Lovely and appropriate.

FDChief said...

Aren't they cool? My friend Lee kicks ass like a crazy monkey.

pellegrinch said...

Glad to see they got there and will be put to good use! Pointy sticks forever!

FDChief said...

You are the bomb, Lee. A blessing on your pointy sticks!