Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sayings of Chairman Missy

We had some dear friends come to visit this past weekend. They and we go back to our wait for referrals from the CCAA, so we both have adoptive kiddos from China.
You know our little Miss. Their son, let's call him X, is about the same age but is as different from Missy as little boys are from little girls. He's funny and energetic but he's also a prankster, always trying for a tickle or a joke, and always on the lookout for something and someone to spoof on.
Our Miss was unimpressed. She confided her distrust in her parents' obvious interest in trying to to enlist her in entertaining the guest to her mother.

"I hope you don't expect me to play with that boy," she hissed, "...even if he is one of my kind."
But don't think that Missy is completely ungrateful for her family. Just the other day she brought home something she wrote for a Thanksgiving assignment titled "What I'm thankful for".

"I am thankful family, because I lost my birth family. I am thankful for at least HAVING a family."
"I like spending time with my family so I won't have to be a bored orphan."

It's worse than being an orphan.


Lisa said...

High praise I'd say -- you are definitely "not boring" :)

Why this could be the making of a new family crest: "We Who are Not Boring".

FDChief said...

Well, that might be hard, since despite her little essay the thing I hear a lot from the Girl is "I'm SO bored..!"

She doesn't take the suggestion that she find her own entertainment at all well, though...