Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Jukebox: 멋있다, Baby, Edition

Like? These folks are Ra-on from Seoul. May be just me, but I think they kinda kick ass, in an acoustic sort of hipster way, no?
Oh, and speaking of Korean hipsters, here's a lovely little post from the adorable-as-a-fluffy-kitten blog The Hidden Thimble about...yes, Korean hipsters.

Well, that's all for the week. Have a lovely weekend and I'll try and stop back around sometime Sunday for a chat.

(oh, and h/t to Fred Clarke of Slacktivist for the awesome Ra-on video)


Leon said...

In a curious case of symmetry, I just saw this:

A heavy metal version of 'Gangnam Style' and it's quite funny.

It's taking over the world. It's not democracy or freedom or any of that silly crap that's going to defeat the terrorists and fundies. It's gangnam style. Eventually they will break under the strain and we'll find youtube videos of Ahmadinejad doing the horsey dance.

Talyssa said...

Why hello there,
Just wanted to say thanks for featuring our adorable-as-a-fluffy-kitten-blog The Hidden Thimble! haha. Hongdae is seriously the best place to find Korean hipsters and korean hipster culture. I love it!! And Ra-On are awesome! Great find :D

FDChief said...

I hate to admit this, Leon, but I may have been the last human in the world to know there even WAS a "gangnam style". But it IS pretty cool.

Thanks, Talyssa! I love your blog and have bookmarked it for further reading! Great post on Hongdae.