Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Swallowed Whole

The Petraeus-Broadwell Affair has reached the "second-time-as-farce" stage already and the sheets aren't even cool yet.
Matt Taibbi has the definitive comment on the entire nonsensical deal;
"Then it hit me – it was an interesting book, after all! Because if you read All In carefully, the book's narrative tone will remind you of pretty much any other authorized bio of any major figure in business or politics (particularly in business), and it will most particularly remind you of almost any Time or Newsweek famous-statesperson profile.

Which means: it's impossible to tell the difference between the tone of a reporter who we now know was literally sucking the dick of her subject and the tone of just about any other modern American reporter who is given access to a powerful person for a biography or feature-length profile."
And that's pretty much all you need to ever, ever know about this nonsense.

It's not nearly as much about sex. Or corruption. Or bending and breaking what are supposed to be common-sense rules preventing fallable people from using power for their own selfish benefit.

As it is about that we've chosen to treat the Wealthy and Powerful - in our media, in our laws, in our government, in our daily lives - as if they were speshul snowflakes deserving of fellatio-level fawning.

And nothing good - nothing for those of us on the lips-side of this little arrangement - is going to...come of that, shall we say?

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Lisa said...

Matt Taibbi cuts to the bone.