Thursday, November 15, 2012

Idle Hands

Nothing on my mind today other than the nice sunny weather and hopes for some time off tomorrow. But I've got some snapshots and pictures to post.

This past Sunday we were very busy hosting those friends I mentioned in the preceding post. But I HAD to take a little time and stop by the Timbers Army fanladen opening at the corner of NW 16th and Alder down near Jeld-Wen Field. The Timbers Army has a terrific little space there, lots of room for storing drums, banners, for making tifos, and a handy bar for some Cascadian Dark Ale that put me in the right mood for a wee gloat over the Cascadia Cup;
Now if the Sounders can manage to lose to LA this coming weekend I'll be ready to stand up and sing my heart out this coming season!

As always, I had a jaunt up to Mason County and my pals at Staircase N.P. This time, though, we had snow.
As the Starks would have reminded us: winter is coming.

The Boy wanted me to post this because he said "It looks like your brain is taking a break, Dad..."

This is a friend of mine. She's a terrific gal, a great photographer, but more than anything she loves to travel, and this sort of thing is why.
"There was a young lady from Saybrook..."

And speaking of young ladies, I came across this when I was searching for "pocket princesses" and just loved the little mecha...

Kevin Alexander over at SlideRulePass is having some fun with soccer kits for the Portland Timbers...

Love the "City of Portland" jersey, but, hell, I'm just that way...

Missy is "that way" sometimes, too, and here she is showing off her whopping 'tude in her First Grade picture:
Funny little girl. She can really be a hoot.

I'll try and get back soon with something with a little more intellectual throw-weight. Back to work, now, though.

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Leon said...

That is a hilarious "derp" picture. Save it to show her first boyfriend.