Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The lost weekend

Something about being up before dawn...

I love the quiet of the early mornng hours, before even the dawn chorus has begun to tune, when dawn is no more than a perceptible lightening in the eastern sky.

It gives me time to slow down and stop and think. I write these things, or read the news, or just sit and let my mind go where it listeth.

The past weekend was good for us. We began Friday evening (like a good Muslim, I will start the weekend on Friday after sundown) at Merlo field watching U.P. women play the Canadian national team. Our friends J and B, both enthusiastic and soccer players - I almost wrote "enthusiastic soccer players" until it struck me that not only is that a loathsome cliche' but two of their most attractive characteristics are their enthusiasm and their love of adventure in everything from skiing to soccer - were there to make the event more fun. The Canadians won 1-nil with both teams having good chances in front of goal.

The odd thing about this game; the thing that hit me as I was working up in Longview, Washington yesterday, is that as a game it was just average; a little ragged, with lots of errant passing and more than a few mix-ups between players. But as part of a campaign, it wasn't exactly a good thing for Canada. I mean, the Canadians are one of two teams from North America going to the Women's World Cup in China this fall. Their draw in Group C isn't an easy one: the Matildas have come a long way from the days when they were best known for taking their clothes off and the delightfully named Black Queens of Ghana play a tough, hard-tackling West African style of footy.

The thing about Friday's game is that here was a small women's college team against the best of Canada. Something like watching the Cambridge University eleven play Newcastle United. The college players are good...but...but...the internationals should have played them off the field!!! UP outshot only 11-8? 1-nil? WTF?!?

Christine, I love you and the maple leaf gals. But lemme tell you - you bring the same weak shit against Norway and you get handed your long, tall, goal-scoring athletic ASS.

Today's Photo Quiz: what is the object to the left.

Hint: The Peeper made it in daycare. It's not vegetable and it's not mineral.

Anyway, we did lots of yard work and we're almost done repainting the living room this cool "Cafe'" color from Devine - it's so lush we're finding that we don't want to hang anything on the walls, so lots of prints and photos are going in storage. I'll try and post some pictures of it in a bit

Oh no! Look out! Crowds run screaming When Peepers attack! (Open the link for exceptionally fine Blue Oyster Cult "Go Go Godzilla" video)

The Peep had fun, too, helping us around the house, as well as buying yet another toy truck...he sure is cute. But watch out for those flailing elbows.
Well, time to go to work. Mojo's at her meeting, Peep's at daycare and I have a mountain to climb. Gotta leave the chair empty and the computer alone and go struggle for the legal tender.


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walternatives said...

I hate to even use the word, but did Peeper make a ladybug on a stick? Looking forward to the pics of the new living room.