Sunday, June 03, 2007


Carolyn over at China Calling, and one of the ALTiplanos tagged us to post a Google EarthTM pic of where we live. So here you go - yellow X marks the spot.

Inside the little house at this moment are a sleepy Mojo, an equally sleepy Peep and a hopefully sleepy friend of the family Curious George (whose older brother's birthday sleepover is going on and whom we volunteered to evacuate to preserve fraternal peace). I loves me some Google Earth, BTW. Want to know if your crib is in danger of being shaken up? Check out the U.S. Geological Survey's Quaternary Fault-Fold Database files for GE. Very cool!

Oh, and the orange line thingy? That's the East Bank Fault. Yes, that East Bank Fault. We live, oh, maybe five hundred feet from a seismogenically active, potential Richter M6.8 earthquake generator.

Did I mention that our water heater is strapped to the basement wall..? Yike.

Oh, and Millicent? I'm not gonna post your GE fault overlay picture but: about that earthquake policy rider...? 2,437.3 feet from the fault trace. That's a half mile, boyo.

I'm just sayin', is all...


walternatives said...

Nice `hood. Small blocks, big trees - one specifically looks like broccoli. I especially like your CSNY reference.

Millicent said...

Oh fer fecks sake...fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, bring it on!!!

BTW - I love your little house and your little neighborhood and your white picket fence. I will see them soon.

Carolyn said...

Whoa!! A geologically-active fault next to your house!?! I'm impressed!!