Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Pictures 2

So I didn't take the camera around with me this weekend. We did a number of the usually adorable kidlet things but, alas, there is no record of them and they will therefore disappear like footsteps in the surf. But we've been a busy little family lately and I did want to post a reflection of that. The snapshot below is a pretty good barometer of the FDC family these days. Mojo the balanced one, smiling appropriately for the camera. Missy looking distracted, Daddy cracking wise and the Peeper in a semi-sulk, probably becuse he was warned not to clout his baby sister upside the head, again...I know I make it sound like Missy and the Peep fight all the time. But, honestly, there's the glimmer of a family there.Here's one of their sweeter moments, tubbing together last Wednesday night.Another dim sum picture, this one the "after" shot of the face-buried-in-the-rice-bowl picture from last Sunday's post.Mmmm. Pork Rinds - not just for breakfast anymore - but still part of this unbalanced breakfast...note the unusual sun break up on the hill above I-5. Mud? Still bottomless.Another last-Sunday shot. Peep is begging for the lacrosse ball. Missy says: g'wan and beg me, monkey-boy.

Here's the feared enforcer for the Red Wings, Missy "The Hatchet" Shaomei, ready to do some carvin' on an opposing forward. Girl has neither fear nor remorse, and you can guess that the Peeper's due for a hidin'...

This was just too good to resist. I don't know why this makes me think of Bella Abzug (maybe the hat?), but it does. This was the Peep as he left the house to go to dim sum. You can talk about your divas...but show me the Forties starlet or Madonna wanna-be with this kind of style.

This boy is either going to grow up to be a fashion designer or some sort of freaky street preacher. I'm not sure which one would irritate me more - probably just as well, because he'll go that way just to piss me off. What an awesome outfit.

Is this adorable, or what is it?

I gotta say - when the kids are going utterly apeshit they have the most astonishing capacity for driving me to distraction. But when they are sweeties, and they can be, more often than I think, sometimes...they are worth every hair I wrench out of my scalp when I'm buggin'. And I don't have many hairs to spare up there...

Thanks for reminding me, you two.

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