Sunday, January 04, 2009

U bent een slechte persoon

1. You've been a really bad parent.2. Your child realizes even at a tender age that as a Feyenoord supporter you can't tell an Ajax fan anything other than through simple gestures and grunts.

3. Your little boy lives by the motto: "Geen woorden, geen daden, maar de vinger"


basilbeast said...

I spend a good percentage of my internet time at another message board. There happens to be a Dutch woman who I correspond with fairly regularly, with other friends there too.

She has been teaching us a little of her language from time to time, so this post caught my eye. I had German in college, and can still do a very kleine DeutschSprache.

To my ear, and I'm a language teacher, it's the oddest thing to hear.


basilbeast said...

I meant to add this bit, a youtube video song in Dutch about a pet bunny, soup, and a missing dad.

Here's a translation: