Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unexpected Largesse

Remember how I told you that Birthday Week was over?

Well, okay. Sorta. But yesterday morning we shared a delightful surprise left over from Birthday Week: Grandma and Grandpa Chief's box of prezzies arrived for both little peeps.We all liked the books, though I suspect I know where "The Seven Wonderful Cats" comes from, Mom...But the big successes were different for each child.Big Peeper loved his Christmassy nightcap, twirling the tassel-end around like a vaudeville villian's moustaches, and even wearing it to bed that night, as shown on TV.Little girl, however, spurned her snowboarder hat and went for the little wooden duck, to the point of insisting on taking it with her to daycare where sister-diva-rival Baby Ryan and young Bubba were to be overawed by Missy's largesse. And here she is! Looking appropriately mysterous and alluring.So thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Chief!

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