Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It Beinge Our Sevynthe Anniversarie...

"Thy virgin's girdle now untie,
And in thy nuptial bed, love's altar, lie
A pleasing sacrifice ; now dispossess
Thee of these chains and robes, which were put on
To adorn the day, not thee ; for thou, alone,
Like virtue and truth, art best in nakedness.
This bed is only to virginity
A grave, but to a better state, a cradle.
Till now thou wast but able
To be, what now thou art ; then, that by thee
No more be said, “ I may be,” but, “ I am,”
To-night put on perfection, and a woman's name."This day seven years ago you were my world, my all, my east, my west,
My morning's song, my evening's rest. You are still,
My heart, my dear heart.

I love you.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

LOVE your wedding outfits. Both of you look fabulous. Many happy returns of the day!

Charles Gittings said...

Happy anniversary FDC. Good luck with the next seven years. :)

Pluto said...

Wow, what else can the rest of us say after that?

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of love.

FDChief said...

Thanks, all. Our actual anniversary (Tuesday) was celebrated with my bride in bed with our son and me on the couch! - the fruits of our loins tend to (ahem...) intervene in the connubial bliss at times. But we did have a lovely evening last night: Mojo went to IKEA, I took the kids to the Nickel Arcade, and we got to cuddle in bed when little peeps were asleep...