Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wish Flower

Little Miss squeaked happily when I met her in the grubby playground outside her daycare.

"DaddyDaddyDaddy!" accompanied her jump into my hug.

She wanted to know everything. She wanted to know about the bandage from my blood draw that afternoon. She wanted to know what would happen if you opened the truck door when you were driving down the street. She wanted to know where the sun was. She asked where her Mommy had gone.

She leaped out of the door the moment I released her onto the city planting strip next to where we were parked.

"Flowers!" she crowed, wrenching up two doomed dandelions, pleased with the yellow colors. But the yellow blooms were forgotten as soon as she spotted the white globe of a dandelion seedhead.

"A wish flower!" exclaimed the Little Miss. "Did you see the wish flower, daddy?" she asked as she rotated it for my examination. I admitted I didn't.

"Make a wish," she chanted, "I wish, I wish, my wish come true...may my Daddy stay home with me all day and not go to school...and may Mommy's nipples still be really big!"

Just when you think you know them...

1 comment:

Red Sand said...

I love it!! Our boys are very interested in that area of a lady's anatomy at the moment, the bright side being that they cover their eyes and say some version of "private" after pointing them out...