Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pinned Down

I apologize for the slow drip of postings here. We were away last week, taking the kidlets for a long-delayed East Coast visit to the grandparents. In what I have to admit was something of a surprise to me the trip turned out to be relatively painless (other than the flying, which really is getting exponentially more awful every time; the combination of brain-destroying time-wasting with the petty indignities of the Security Theatre and the grinding greed of the airlines - you now had to pay for your meals if you wanted anything more than a handful of over-salted bridge mix - has made the experience as close to a Dantaean torture as I can imagine. Luckily the kiddos were sweeties and managed the journeys with nary a whimper) and the love for my in-laws for their grandlings was tear-inducing.

Upon our return things have been insane; Mojo is absolutely shelled at her work, I've been up early and back late, and I swear I've exchanged a total of ten sentences with my bride between Sunday evening and this morning. The whole menage feels hectic and tedious at the same that possible? It's like we're overwhelmed by work, home and school while at the same time just plodding on a treadmill of the same-old,, home and school.

My attitude hasn't helped, either. The world around just seems stale, flat and unprofitable, distinguished principally by greed and hubris from the wilds of central Asia to the Gulf Coast of the United States to my own city. I either have nothing to say about the goings-on or my comment would be nothing more than a long burst of profanity.

I'll try and come up with something for Friday, and perhaps the weekend will motivate me to think and write a little.

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