Friday, August 06, 2010

You Brain Too Short to Box with God II: God Hates Fags?

Courtesy of my friend Meghan, a concise visual depiction of one of the most, to me, irritating aspects of current American culture, the religious Right's obsession that somewhere, somehow, two men or two women are gettin' jiggy wit it.Honestly, WTF?

Is it some sort of prehominid monkeybone itch-scratching, poop-flinging, knuckle-walking instinct that makes some people worry about this? Or is it that organized religion can make you bone stupid? I mean, you have all the OTHER biblical stuff going on; war, famine, pestilence, death, Newt Gingrich...and some people seem to have a desperate need to fixate on this nonsense.

Remember how I was just feeling utterly drained by the ridiculousness of what seems to pass for 90% of American life? Well, this is just one of parts that make the sum of that feeling.


Lisa said...

Well, I think people are searching for some stability, and in a very wobbly world, one can at least find succor in the Good Book.

People feel betrayed and attacked, and they're not sure who hit them. This is not the world they planned on, the world that espoused civil rights and which greed expanded into two houses for every boy.

What to do when the blows are coming fast and furious? Hunker down into a defensible perimeter and hope for good fortune.

At least there are some absolutes, like "God hates faggots", right?

FDChief said...

Every time I see some evidence of human intellect, kindliness, or social decency, Lisa, I seem to run into something like this, this headlong rush for the security of the ignorance of the 11th Century. Makes you wonder for all that concrete, steel, plastic, and rayon how far we've come from the days of chest-beating, branch-shaking and mutual grooming.

And the really frustrating thing is that to be decent, kindly citizens would be so EASY. To let everyone rest under their own fig tree, enjoying their own harmless pleasures and creativity would be so simple. It takes real energy and real determination to be this exercised about someone else's personal life.

That so many people are really eager to do it is quite depressing.

Lisa said...

"And the really frustrating thing is that to be decent, kindly citizens would be so EASY"

Yes. And yet, despite all the plastics and Rayon ... I, too, cannot understand the comfort taken in such retrograde thought. Such gossip and hurtful judgment seems so -- un-Christian. Don't they know? Such an effort expended to coalesce around the exclusion of one's fellows. It's pretty incomprehensible, to me.

"(H)uman intellect, kindliness, or social decency" surely exists and always humbles, but it seems it is trumped by reversion to type, and our type is scheming, hierarchical monkey troops.

Ael said...

The nail that sticks up, gets hammered down.

FDChief said...

And on the subject of homosexuality and American law - that is, the very issue about which the frantic fulminations of the Right so wears me down - here's Glenn Greenwald making perfect sense and (as always) saying it so much better:

His quote from the Walker decision on the contitutionality of the latest attempt to legislate morality, California's Proposition 8, is spot on: "The question here is whether California voters can enforce those same principles through regulation of marriage licenses. They cannot. California’s obligation is to treat its citizens equally, not to "mandate [its] own moral code."

I have no problem with people hating people for bad reasons or no reasons at all - human history is full to overflowing with such bastards and always will be.

I have an immense problem with the United States, ostensibly dedicated to the rule of law and secular governance, being made a party to such bastardy.

Lisa said...

Greenwald says things well, but not better than you, m'dear :)

Y'all have it right: The rule of law and secular governance is the meaning of America. Rule by any dogma is contradictory and should be anathema.

Why must people be so intrusive into what should be private matters? Why does this possibly matter to anyone?

basilbeast said...

Homosexual Devil Goats in Oregon!

Couldn't help putting this in, glamorizing the headline a bit to fit the topic, and since they're just next door to you.


BTW, since I'm trashing your joint, an internet friend of mine has a brother who runs Chilicious, a little restaurant in Vancouver. They're closing it at the end of the month, on account of bad location. I can't make it obviously, but maybe you can.