Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot for Something: Hakkaa päälle 2

I should add that there's only one dream of Finland that will profit you anythingand that's dreaming like this guy.

Just some beefcake for a Tuesday night, is all.

Please return to your regularly scheduled evening.


Lisa said...

Oh, MY! Well, this puts a whole different spin on my Wednesday night.

I've been jonesing for a sauna lately -- it's TRUE! There's only one I know of round these parts, and it's in the Baptist church gym downtown (YES!) I shall go, but there will be no Tom.

How did this happen to Tom of Finland, you may ask. Well, the winters are long and cold, and the reindeer, smelly ...

Oh, but me, I just look at it like a Rivera, or an Orozco -- simply for the lines, as opposed to the "large constituency who admire the work on a purely utilitarian basis," ahem.

You just HAD to do this to me :)

FDChief said...

Hey , Lisa, no sweat-di-dah. We're a full-service blog here.

I love the sauna, but because I love the cleansing heat of it and the hot, cedary goodness of it. The hunky studs are just for show, but I did think I might provide you with a little bit of a girlish flush. Ta.

My favorite sauna story was of the time I was in the Wilmington, Delaware "Y" and a strapping lad came in who looked like he stepped straight off a "Mandingo" cover, complete with...ummm...manly manhood, if you please. LEt's just say that he made the rest of us look like brook trout.

I met up with my then-wife after our workout and we talked of this and that (including Mister Incredible), had a nice dinner, read for a bit, and ended up cuddling on the couch. She snuggled up to me, all insinuating, nuzzled my ear, and whispered huskily;

"Tell me about the black man's penis again..."


rangeragainstwar said...

I always thought that i was a Slovak pure bred , but after seeing these illustrations,istm that i MUST BE at least 50% Finnish.

Lisa said...

"I love the cleansing heat of it and the hot, cedary goodness of it"

Me, too. I always feel wonderful when I leave, but it is so zen when in it -- like you say, the wonderful aroma, the steam. But I've never like steam rooms, only saunas.

One wonders if some predilections inhere in the genes. It is the same passion I have for bagpipes (Scottish grandfather), or fear of white horses (relates to the Roman chalk horse in Uffington ...)

The story of your ex-wife's request is a bit funny. Were I a man, I'm not sure how I would respond to that request :)

FDChief said...

jim: We always knew that your manly manliness came from some stalwart source!

Lisa: We are all hostages to our pasts, to some extent. I wish mine hadn't included the gene for a starchy, meaty Northern European taste AND the one for a stocky physique that looks anything but like Tom's hunky Finns.

The fond memory of the black man's penis was that it inspired me to set about proving that White Men Could Jump, Too to my then inamorata. So I think we both owed something to the large fellow...