Wednesday, December 01, 2010

November in December

Missed my internal deadline for the Battle for November, so the Battle of Unsan will be coming your way this week. It's just been a busy, rainy week and I've been getting home dirty, tired, and wet. Not conducive to good blogging.

I note in passing the relative insignificance of this little blog, sadly, in comparing the reaction to this post here - nothing - to the same post over at MilPub; a host of comments and discussion about the Christmas Tree Moron and his FBI-fueled fantasy.

I'm glad that people like MilPub. I'm just a little sad to see this place decline into a naething.


Ael said...

I read your blog faithfully, but for double posted articles I tend to make my comments on Milpub.

It makes no sense (and degrades the conversation) to have two different comment streams for the same article. If you want comments here, don't double post.

FDChief said...

Ael: True. Sad thing is, I seem to have lost a fair bit of my readership to MilPub. A lot of folks who used to comment on the non-crossposted stuff don't seem to be around anymore.

Pluto said...

Most of us are still here, just lurking.

A bigger issue is one you've commented on frequently; the purpose of this blog.

The Milpub is a fine place to discuss your opinions on US policy. It's got a decent number of readers and they are very good on this topic. Like AEL, I tend to post my policy thoughts at the Milpub because the audience is likely to correct errors in my thinking VERY quickly.

I love your battle histories (you might get better traffic if you just posted a link at the Milpub to your battles) but the rest of your time is spent blogging about Portland and your family.

I'm not denigrating either your family or Portland when I say they both seem nice and functional. The drama quotient is fairly normal and your problems seem reasonably solvable and familiar. Which is GOOD! But those topics aren't going to draw huge numbers of readers or comments by themselves.

FDChief said...

Pluto: I think a big part of what has happened is that the blog readership has changed significantly, and I haven't adjusted to that.

When I started back in '06 it was as part of a group of people who all started blogging about the same time. Most of them I knew through international adoption. That's an incestuous little community, and the word spread via the other bloggers. I was also on an adoption bulletin board, and linked to here through that. So I tended to get a fair number of comments and discussions regarding the personal and local posts from the IA/AP community. You still see them pop in here occasionally. If you see a comment from "Red Sand" or "Linda Dove" - those are my old homies from the early days.

Being who I am, I also posted the military and political stuff, tho, and that tended to draw discussion from another group, particularly those of us who congregated at the old Intel Dump; you, Ael, sheerah, Al, JD...the group that now posts to MilPub.

Over the past two years or so most of the people in the first group got their referrals. They're now parenting and, as such, have less time for blogs, either reading or writing. Almost all of them have abandoned their blogs for Facebook.

I keep resisting accepting the fact that the first group is gone for good and that the domestic/family/personal/Portland-y posts are just not going to garner comments or start discussions anymore. But I think that this autumn, especially, should convince me.

It doesn't mean that I'll stop posting that stuff. Just that I need to accept that this blog is for my own entertainment and that what I get as feedback is a bonus. And that if I'm looking for interaction, I need to look to MilPub.

But it's hard to accept that those old friends don't come around anymore. If I whine about that occasionally, it's just the death throes of my affection for the original adoption-blog gang.