Friday, March 04, 2011

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled landscapers yearning to trim hedges...

Texas state representative Debbie Riddle has a great idea.You remember those scary, dangerous Mexicans sneaking into our country to speak Spanish, collect welfare, and generally de-caucasianize our great land? And remember how Real Americans (like Republicans) want to make sure we Defend our Borders and other valuable things, like our precious bodily fluids?

Well, Debbie wants to make sure that those Meskins don't sneak in here flouridating our water n' stuff, so she's proposing that hiring one of these sneaky invaders is a "state jail felony" under Title 8 of the Texas Penal Code.


...the "actor" (person) hiring said beaner did so "for the purpose of obtaining labor or other work to be performed exclusively or primarily at a single-family residence in which the actor resides..."

Texans, rejoice!Your lawns, babies, clean floors, and cooked meals will remain free - and cheap!

Is there a fucking brain cell left in the Republican Party?


Pluto said...

Yes, there are quite a few brain cells left in the Republican party. Unfortunately they are being used to win elections, and are not used to consider what happens after that.

Lisa said...

Per Pluto:

The Republican leaders are very clever indeed, though not so, I fear, the average affiliate in small town U.S. The leadership is effectively pandering to and shaping their needs and fears.

The Democratic party is much less successful in this way.

FDChief said...

But...this is SO dumb. What is more of a cartoon of a Republican than the snooty society bitch lunching at the country club while the poor Mexicans diaper the baby and mow the lawn? You say that they use their brains to win elections, but this is a vicious campaign poster waiting to happen! Even the Teatards can't be too happy about their leaders being so obvious about throwing their paranoia about dirty brown illegals under the bus to ensure that the Labrador gets walked and the windows cleaned...

Pluto said...

Chief - "this is a vicious campaign poster waiting to happen!"

You're right but the Republicans are very confident that their propaganda machine can handle anything the Democrats can throw at them.

And a certain influential part of the Republican party will think that the picture is endearing. That's just the way they swing.

Lisa said...

Per Pluto,

Sadly, yes -- endearing to them, as that is the way they roll.

They will even find it compassionate, as it allows some dark people to work by the wayside, as it were, and be able to send big bucks back home. It is an exclusionary clause, something which no upstanding Republican can hold any exception to.

It does not need to be consistent, it does not need to have internal logic. It just is, and in that sense, the Republicans are beating the Democrats even harder, for they are seeming to accept the "messiness" of democracy (in any form which will benefit them of course.)

It's kinda like the sentiment in the song of one of their former sons, "Lyin' Eyes" by The Eagles: It may be a dirty bit of business, but you do what you must to keep the chauffeur and the fancy house.

FDChief said...

Sadly, I keep waiting for the People to finally get outraged at some ever-more ridiculous piece of GOP nonsense.

And I'm STILL waiting.

It seems that We the People have lost either our minds or our sense of perspective. Perhaps both.

Lisa said...

"It seems that We the People have lost either our minds or our sense of perspective. Perhaps both."

And you see, this is where we have the odd confluence of Democrat and Republican, and where the Republicans win (albeit in a very Charlie Sheenish sense).

Liberals have always been the more "allowing" group -- everyone gets a gold star sort of thing. Situational ethics is a big go, because we are all so liberal, you see? Well, the Republicans are capitalizing on these shifting moral sands: They pretend to have rules and guidelines, and they do. But they are very stretchy and slippery things.

Republicans are taking the worst of the liberals and marrying it to the best they have (a "sense" of strictures and morality).

The new squidgy Republicanism co-opts liberalism into a hybridized new form that I fear is quite vigorous.

FDChief said...

Or say, perhaps, that the GOP has simply reintroduced something very old and rather nasty into U.S. politics; the uncompromising adaptability of the singleminded thug.

I've been reading Goodwin's "Team of Rivals". I'm up to the 1850s and her description of the Southern politics and tactics remind me nothing so much as the GOP of 2011; never compromise, never admit wrong, but repeat and repeat the same talking points (or lies, if the talking points are not effective) until the other side gives up or retreats.

The northerners didn't want war, especially not war over Negro slaves, and the Southerners knew that and used it like a club. Every northern compromise of the 1850s was beaten down, beaten back, just beaten with the club of war and fear of war through the entire decade.

It was bad both for the North (which lost the Congressional battles) AND for the South (which used the rhetoric of secession and war so much that they got to believe their own words, and when a relatively moderate Northerner was elected in 1860 they blew themselves and the nation up rather than admit their words were mere rhetoric).

I should really post about this, because Goodwin's description of the 1850s sounds a LOT like the U.S. of 2011, and I suspect that's not a good thing

Lisa said...

Yes, this would be an excellent post comparing Goodwin's Team of Rivals ca. 1850 to today.

"never compromise, never admit wrong, but repeat and repeat the same talking points (or lies, if the talking points are not effective) until the other side gives up or retreats" ...

I know someone who uses this very tactic on the personal level. It is brute, but effective as it attrits the opponent through sheer exhaustion.

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