Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away

I spent twelve hours or more working today and didn't really accomplish a damn thing.That's not a reflection on my work, but a facet of being dependent on others' work to make things happen. And in this case, the people whose work I was overseeing (although the term we like to use is "construction monitoring" rather than the more vulgar expression "dirt-nanny") had as bad a day as can be.

Things broke down, didn't work correctly, or weren't where they needed to be. I tried to be what help I could but...sometimes the damn thing just dies and there's nothing anyone can do about it.The one redeeming factor is that at least this is happening in the fascinating metamorphics of the Olympic Mountains. So at least I can sit around and examine the cool schistosity of the rocks related to the Crescent I watch the rock anchor people perform lunatic aerial stunts on a four-foot wide rock ledge fifteen feet in the air.But.

The downside is that I missed my little girl's very first day of the rest of her school life.I'm sorry I wasn't there, Little Miss. And I loved your happy phone call tonight (thanks, my love, for encouraging her...) telling me about it. I'm glad you had a great day.

I imagine there are all sorts of things that people regret when they know they're dying. "I wish I'd been richer/smarter/kinder/happier..." "I wish I'd slept with her." "I wish I had been braver when I had the chance." "I wish I could have known what he wanted sooner." "I wish I'd done this (that, the other)."

But I'll bet no one ever thinks "I'm glad I was up in the Olympic Mountains looking at cool rocks on the very day my little girl went to school for the very first time."

Regrets. I've had a few.

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Lisa said...

I always enjoy vicariously being along on your work projects.

It sounds as if she had a successful entree to the school world, and you were a part of it, albeit remotely. Shared enjoyment deferred is still quite lovely.