Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Million Autos in the Naked City

It's always interesting to see a visitor's impression of your home.

This is a time-lapse film of Portland over (I'm guessing) a single night earlier this year by someone named Lance Page (h/t to "Dropping Timber" for posting it)The odd thing is the ginormous traffic in the first half of the flick. I never really think of my hometown as dominated by freeways and automobiles...but of course it is. It's just like a lot of Portlanders I have this image of us as crunchy, granola-fed, bicycle-riding hipsters.

Duh, no.

But no other real message here other than a nice look at Portland at night.


Lisa said...

Quite a lovely and dramatic homage to your city, emphasizing the aspect of fraternity.

Anonymous said...

There was a movie, can't remember the name b/c it was some spelling disaster, lots of consonants and unpronounceable, some while ago, using time lapse for the whole thing.

My life is becoming "time laspse". :)

I watched bits and pieces of the SciFi channel's "Neverland", I didn't think it was very good. But the dress and canoes of the Indians in it place it in the Pacific Northwest.

In case you didn't see it.