Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I check the stats for this blog.

Egotistical? Me? (Blush)

Ooooookay, well, yes.

So I was looking over the stats earlier this week and noticed this:See it?

This little blog babbles along at about 600-700 pageviews a day. I assume that the vast bulk of these are poor deluded bastards looking for gay porn - I threw a Tom of Finland picture into a blog post two years ago and that post is STILL in the top five searched posts in the history of this dog. Hopefully a few idle passersby actually take the time to read the thing and like it; maybe one or two (if I'm lucky) make it a regular stop on their peripatetic blogrounds.

But 2,300 views?

That's ridiculous - nice, but utterly unlike anything I've ever had before (or since, as you can tell. So what was so special about 4 JAN?

Well, this.

I got blogrolled!

Now I suspect that I owe a lot of my fleeting fame to pure nepotism; I've corresponded a little with Fran from BlueGal/Crooks and Liars, and when my son was little he once attempted to use her wonderful rendition of the "World's Meanest Mommy Song"
as a sort of aphrodisiac for the twenty-something he was utterly crushing on (it didn't work but it was sure worth the try, and it's a damn funny song)

But hopefully a little of that was the result of a well-written post, and my reward was a brief moment of stardom, a diurnal flirtation with the Thrones and Dominations of the Big Blog World. For one brief, bright, shining moment I shared the spotlight with Crooks and Liars, thanks to the professional courtesy of a much better blogger than I.

And then it was back to pulling an oar.

But it was nice while it lasted. Funny world, this blogging.

But, hey - thanks, Fran!


Leon said...

I read your blog through a RSS reader so I don't know if I show up in those stats. Your actual numbers could be higher.

FDChief said...

Leon: I think the Blogger stats are probably close. In the Bloglantic Ocean my little blog is a minnow, or perhaps it has a moment or two as a mackerel, but a shark I'm not.

And, in a way, I'm OK with that; I like not having to worry about some damn dumb thing I say here going viral and my becoming some sort of Evil Anakin for the 'Net.

The brief celebrity was fun, but all the more fun for being brief...

rangeragainstwar said...

i don't write for the stats either.
but i really hope that some electronic anthropologist will someday find our blog and thereby know that some of us objected to the fall of out country.

Lisa said...

A much-belated and well-deserved congratulations!