Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Jukebox: Improbable Paleontology Edition

Because if you reeeeally want me to keep posting the kind of stuff that tickles the ass offa me...
...well, here it is.

Yeah, I know - somewhere some Christian school is using this video for a teaching aid. Sigh. And it was the dinos that went extinct. Go figure.

Aaaaanyway, speaking of dinos, first, I should really credit the indefatigable Chas. Pierce, from whom I stole both the awesomely-Eighties Was (Not Was) video and the link to this website where you can find out all sorts of things you probably either didn't, or didn't want to, know about dinosaur sex.
Because when they taught you about dinos in school they left out the part where the ankylosaurus tended to roar "Yes! Yes! Ride me like a little pony!" and the ceratopsians were known to prefer dressing in kōkōsei gyaru outfits.

And, yes, this is just another application of Rule 34.


Ael said...

The uploader has not made this video available in your country, alas.

Probably a matter of national security.

basilbeast said...

Is that a cave-person towards the bottom right corner enjoying some saurian porn?


Lisa said...

I love the Christian school observation -- spot on!

Anonymous said...