Thursday, November 29, 2012


The funny thing is that this is a typical morning for me when my little girl gets into the bed.

Like the pup, she is a compulsive wriggler and loves to play as soon as she gets up.

And, like the kitten, I just want to sleep. So she flips around and kicks and pushes and rolls, and I growl "Damn it, either go the hell to sleep or go back in your bed!"

But at least I don't bite. Not hard, anyway.

The turnabout is that with a lover I'm the puppy; I enjoy a kiss and cuddle - or more, if there's the chance - in the first hour of the morning. And almost without exception my beloveds have been lovers of sleep, not lovemaking, in the small hours. Mojo, especially, loves her morning slumber; her reaction is along the lines of what you'd expect from a grizzly disturbed in mid-January.

Anyway, I just enjoyed inventing the dialogue for this filmclip:

SPARKY: Ooh! Ooh! C'mon, Puff, let's play!

PUFF: Wha...the fuck? Are you nuts? G'wan. Knock it off.

SPARKY: Awww...c'mon, l'il buddy! Play! Play!

PUFF: Faaaa...leave me alone, you idiot.

SPARKY: C'mon, let's play! I'll let you chase me! Oooooh, let's wiggle!

PUFF: I'll wiggle your ass. Go the fuck back to sleep.

Ooooh! Gotcha!

Okay, biting you now. Sleep! Why can't you fucking sleep!?


Pluto said...

That is a VERY clever cat. Look how it uses its position and leverage to avoid most of the puppy's antics while being able to bite the dog at will until he stops. One suspects that the cat is very experienced with this dog.

FDChief said...

One suspects that the pup has pulled this crap before.