Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Jukebox: Coooool, Daddio! Edition

There are times I regret that jazz just isn't a "living" musical idiom anymore, and this is one of them; I caught this playing on our local jazz station yesterday morning on the way into work:

From the liner notes: "...the three parts of the suite were recorded straight through live, and were only intended to be a pre-take run-through, but as is obvious here, Blakey and company nailed the whole thing right out of the box."

Damn straight.

In some ways the Fifties were the buttoned-down reaction to the wartime excesses of the Forties. But not for jazz; some of the great American music of all times comes from that time, and surely this has to be part of that brilliance; a synthesis of hard bop and Afro-Cuban rhythm years before the "Afro-beat" and Latin pop of the Santana variety.

Out for the weekend, hep cats and kittens.


Leon said...

I never really liked the afro-beat or latin-beat in my jazz, but then I'm a big-band era kind of guy.

Good swing to this piece nonetheless.

Swanditch said...