Friday, August 21, 2015

Checking the block...

...through a long day in CPR/AED/First Aid class yesterday. Not a bad class, just not a lot new for an old grunt medic. It WAS kind of interesting to note that the AHA has dropped the pressure dressing; it's straight from the dressing and bandage to the tourniquet. Ouch. CPR...well, that's all different. But I swear it's like car models; sometimes it changes just to change.

When I scanned this I took a moment to look back at the doodles I did back in 2012 whilst I was immured in a HAZWOPER class and I gotta ask myself: what the hell is with the zeppelins? You got some kinda phallic thingamabob going on? Or, as Freud himself is supposed to have said, is a zeppelin sometimes just a zeppelin?

I do like the old 193rd Brigade crest and the canal; I think one of the old USSOUTHCOM units had the motto "The Path Between The Seas". Or not. either way it's a great motto.

Still slow around this joint. But I'm finally getting to the bottom of the Philippine Sea (sort of). Do you have ANY idea how hard it is trying to figure out which IJN land-based aviation units were where, and with what aircraft, in June of 1944? It's a stone bitch, I tell you.


Leon said...

Perhaps you're an early adopter of 'steampunk'?

Big Daddy said...

My take is that FD Chief should start writing Dieselpunk.

Lisa said...

Hi Chief,

'Tis been awhile; I've simply not been revved up about blogging, and I certainly don't spend time on other platforms.

I agree with Leon: you're a splendid artist, fanciful and very steampunk.

Per the zeppelins, I'm remembering Tom of Finland fondly. I think it's swell (ah, Freud) that you haven't tamped down your unconscious too terribly.

almost drafted said...

Hi Chief,

Just wanted to say that I appreciate the hard work you put into your battle articles. And I'm sure I'm not alone. You da man.


Talyssa said...

I'm super impressed by that drawing!!