Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August referrals? !#$%&!!#!

Word on the adoption street is that CCAA has processed only 9 days of referrals for August.


So much for "all of August in August".

I am so damn mad I could just spit. The other ugly rumor is that the CCAA has made a statement to the effect that patient waiting is the hallmark of a good parent and that if you don't like it you can lump it. The entire reason Mojo and I wanted to adopt a little girl from China is that we understood that the Chinese didn't play this sort of bullshit game. It appears now that we and the other overseas adoptive parents are being played for fools. And that if we don't like being fools we aren't "worthy" of spending the next 18 years giving our love and care and hard work and heartbreak raising a child someone else abandoned. I know, I know, it's the system, that's how it is, we need to be understanding and just deal with it.

But I look at my wifes' face and see her grief, how she longs to hold the little girl she's dreamed of for so long, and I burn with rage that some faceless bureaucrat more worried about demographics or national pride or profit or who the hell knows can hurt her like that and never know what he or she has done.

Maybe this isn't the hideous harbinger of the next THREE YEARS we will have to wait at this rate. Maybe this is just a blip, an aberration, a hiccup. Maybe we'll get a whole month of referrals in September. But right now, it doesn't feel this way. Right now, this feels like a great big "fuck...you!" from the nice people at CCAA.


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Dee said...

THAT is exactly what that statement fromt the CCAA felt like. It pissed me off in a big way.

Also, Hi. Got the link from the AltDTC group and wanted to let you know I'm enjoying the blog. Can't wait to read more.