Thursday, August 10, 2006

First Tartan

Our cool friend Millicent over at Different Dirt (a place you should go to get some real good stuff about, oh, the Highlands, and puffins, and hurling [the game, not the post-party technicolor yawn], and...oh, hell ,just go there and see. She's the ginchiest!) is hot on our heels in the pursuit of a little daughter from China. She also has a interesting take on life. That makes her and Oscar (her inamorata - we used to call him "Floyd" until Team Landis was caught with his willy in the testosterone jar) great to know. It also makes her hard to predict. Here I always thought that she'd pick something berry-sweet and cuddly for her "First Pink", but...

First Pink? Oh, I thought you knew. "First Pink" is what Debra decided she'd call our first official girly thing we'd buy for little Mei-mei. After tons of little-boy-blue stuff we've aquired for the Peep, this would be our way of saying to the World: "Fuck you! We're having a Girl!!"

I'm a Bad Daddy and I don't remember what out actual First Pink turned out to be, but I think it was an adorable little Hanna Andersen sleeper.

Aaaanyway, turns out that Millicent and Oscar's First Pink is actually...First Tartan!

And a bold, red Royal Stewart at that.

Millicent seems to plan to look scary hot in a little flippy tartan skirt and matching pirate blouse, while little Thor-not-the-Norse-god-but-the-daughter-to-be will be cute as a button in little matching tartan pullover.

This matching parent-and-baby thing is catching, so here they are: daddy and the Peeper in their matching kilts. Where?

At Millicent and Oscar's WEDDING. Howzabout that? DAMN we were cute.


Millicent said...

Hey you!!! I recognize those pictures! I didn't want to peg you guys specifically 'cuz I just didn't know if you guys would want the world knowing your biz (despite the fact that we have blogs and just can't seem to wait to share our biz with the world) I'm glad you took the reigns and showed the world your kilt-ness. And, yes, you guys look very fetchin' in those kilts.

I'm looking forward to your Portland post...there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home (clicking heels together)...

wzgirl said...

I am so envious of all the crazy kiltage going on around here!!