Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Machiavellian Peeper

So little Pea and Mommy had a pretty good time with the rest of the Gellars back in Manomet showing the Peep off to all his adoring fans. Between flat tires and engine repairs Peeper got to ride in Grampa's tow truck, swim in the pond where Mommy used to splash when she was a wee sproutling (barely up to a C-cup), walk the Atlantic beach, change a tire and see a scary live lobster!
But my favorite story from the trip involves yet another display of Peeper cunning. The lad is destined to become the Tallyrand of North Portland.

Cue the scene: yet another family gathering featuring a Peep run amok fueled by more cookies than can possibly be good for one little boy. (Thanks, Gramma!)

Big Auny Kathy - a stern disciplinarian where Peepers are concerned, being a teacher and well versed in the wiles of Youth - finds our boy standing over a cookie he has dropped.

Kathy: Pick up that cookie, young man!

Peeper (looking down at the biscuit as if it is the first cookie he has ever seen): I...don't think I will.

Kathy: I think you WILL pick up that cookie!

Peeper (places one toe daintily on the cookie and crushes it): Can't now. Crumbs!

I dread the day I have to open negotiations regarding curfews and text messaging...

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