Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shorten my red thread or this ladybug will chew out your jugular

Shorter We're looking at a historically high wait time for China adoption referrals, principally because some greedy bastards in Hunan were stealing and selling babies (for which several have been made extremely dead and are presently in hell being introduced to the infernal punishment that more lighthearted demons refer to as "Bend Over; I'm Driving"), and the most likely outcome over the next year is for the referral wait period to slowly return to closer to the something closer to 300 days.

But don't take it from me - go here to read the whole thing.

For those of us in the system now, however, the referral wait will include this little "hiccup" - we won't get to meet our little sons or daughters for more like 18-24 months. That sucks pipe, but just little copper plumbing pipe, not the monstrous concrete storm drain pipe that a three- to four-year wait would suck.

So hang in there, gang. The stork's gonna fly, dammit, if we have to shove a JATO booster up it's ass...

It'll just take a little longer than we had hoped. But Mojo and I will be here when you're ready, Mei Mei.


Anonymous said...

We'll see what happens. Hope for the best and get ready for the worst. Great picture!

walternatives said...

What's a JATO booster? Do yo ever read the comments on that site? Just as interesting as his posts, sometimes.

Christie said...

Ha Ha! How 'bout the "pineapple a day up the bung for eternity" punishment?

FDChief said...

JATO: Jet Assisted Take Off. Can't remember which aircraft used to use these but I seem to recall that B-52's may have. They were disposable rocket pods that helped overweight things like heavy transports and bombers lift off the ground.

Anonymous said...


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