Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I got your surge right here...

So tomorrow our Imperious Leader will deign to tell us where he will lead our legions in our Glorious War to Bring Peace and a Pony To Iraq. I'm about as happy about that as I am about getting prostate surgery. Or as the guy on the left is about his new recruit (that's Kaneda from Akira, BTW. Domo arigato, Otomo-san). But more ranting in a bit.

This is a kinda odd week, begun in Coos Bay (again) showing some skin for the press but continuing back in PDX with very little in the way of billable work. Good? Not so much. But it does let me spend more time with my sweeties.

Peep and I went to "his" "ice cream house" (Baskin-Robbins) after I picked him up from daycare yesterday - he was such a lovie, he offered to share his green ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip, his favorite) with two little girls there with their mom. That and we looked at stuff on Google, one of his favorite pastimes. He sets the search criteria ("I want to look at toy army tanker trucks" he will announce) and I type in the image search terms and then we look at stuff. And he predicts he will buy it. I agree. And we move on to the next thing he sees.

I was initially alarmed by this, the implication being that the objects viewed needed to be purchased, until I understood that the statement alone was sufficient. Peeper just needed it to be known that he would buy these trucks, trains, whatever. No actual money needed to be involved.


I need to get showered and get to work, but I'll be back tomorrow with reactions to The Speech and some opinions on adoption. Just what you wanted to hear, right?

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