Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On hold

There was a time - and not all that long ago - when my response to indecision, inaction or just simply waiting for something to happen was a volcanic anger that would worry my friends and anger strangers while frightening innocent housepets. After a lot of hard work, a lost marriage and time I am no longer the furious drill sergeant inside.

I am calm. I am patient. I am like a stone, gazing serenely at the clouds passing overhead. I am waiting quietly for the National Visa Center to forward our 171-H to the consulate in let this represent the hiatus that is today.

The nice people here in the Portland USCIS office sent our request to the NVC probably late yesterday, or they will early today. Which means that the e-mail should be forwarded to China sometime later today or early tomorrow. Hopefully. Deep breath. Relax. Inner poise. Let go of all the fear, frustration, anexiety and worry. Float, like a cloud over the mountain. Be, like the stone.

But lemme tellya...if something doesn't show up in Guangzhou by tomorrow morning...

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walternatives said...

It will happen, smooth and without more effort; I'm gonna believe that.

I'm happy to know that you lost the volcano action. I'm proud of you for doing the hard work to get there. It must have been difficult to shed the drill sargent skin after wearing it for so long, Chief. Kudos to you for that.