Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Painting at Night

So you've heard the expression "As exciting as watching paint dry"?

Okay; that's what I'm doing. I'm sitting at the computer downstairs waiting for the paint to dry on the interior of the porch door in the living room so I can slap on the second coat...and, yeah, it's that exciting. So I'm at the computer blogging and free-associating.

But it's not all boredom and painting everywhere. Pobaby would remind us that, it's August, so, hey, it's Armed Forces Day! Go, go, People's Navy! Happy 80th Birthday, Glorious Defenders of the Liberation of the Masses.

Speaking of China - and who isn't - the ass-kickin' gals of the U.S. Women's National Team play their last tune up game this weekend before jetting off on their quest to regain World Cup glory. Follow every throw-in, every training session and all the whacky antics of the Girls of Summer right here on their very own blog. It's about what you'd think, except I'm not sure I want to know Carli Lloyd eats toast for dinner.
As you can see, the new deck is in. Audie, our Deck Master, is proving to be...well, let's just say between us that Audie isn't exactly the longest plank in the deck, shall we? If the inspector shows up again and Audie and his guys haven't covered the spoil dirt - again - I'm gonna start getting miffed. Veeeery miffed.
What IS this white pock-mark below, you ask? Good question. That's a trap, you see. It's a powder trap, for...for things that get trapped in powder. The Peeper and Mojo put it there to see what kind of footprints will be there tomorrow morning. Hmmm... Not sure what to say about that. Silence may be best.

You should really read this post over at Fred Clark's slacktivist. The man is a terrific writer, and his annotated "Left Behind" is worth the price of admission alone; but the above-referenced piece is a very thoughtful exposition of what the Founders meant when they prohibited "cruel and unusual punishment".
Oh, yick. Fat Nitty just brought in a ginormous moth and is tormenting it. Oh, and now she's eating it...ewwww. God, cats can be gross, and the Nitteous One is a very catty cat.

Oh - funny Peeper story. We went to Starbucks Sunday a.m. and he got a milk (in a paper coffee cup) and a chocolate cookie. Drank the milk, ate about half the cookie. Somewhen between our return and the final placement of the last laminate floorboard the cookie disappeared, never to return.
So Monday morning I get a call; Mojo distraught, Peeper in tears. Can't find the cookie - tragedy, disaster, horror. They look everywhere, no joy. So Mojo tells me, later, that as they're searching the Peep finds a tiny brown crumb on the living rooms floor.
"Look, Mommy, a crumb from my cookie! It's pointing to the kitchen! That must be where the cookie is!"

Sad to say, no cookie. But a great story.
Well, the tasty moth is devoured down to the last crunchy bit of antennae-y goodness and I have to go paint. G'night.


walternatives said...

Even if Audie isn't the longest plank in the deck, it looks great.
The Great Cookie Caper? Now I'm wondering where it went. Hmmm. Alos, could you let us know what tracks showed up in the powder trap? Thanks.

walternatives said...

Alos = Also.

SBird said...

Love the deck. I had to chuckle about the powder trap. Whenever we leave water out here--as in a water table, or a wading pool--it's anybody's guess what sort of creepy crawly will turn up--literally, turned up--in it the next morning. Not my favorite thing. Footprints would be better.