Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hangs Low and to the Left

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -6.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.00Fun. And it's good to know I hang with the "right" people; given the choice, I'd just as soon stand up with the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela than with Maggie Thatcher and GWB.Try it yourself!

Blogadmin note: Bad, busy week has left me without the time for my usual Friday piece. I want to talk about the political developments in Iraq, but it will have to wait until tonight - I have to work (ugh!) today...


pluto said...

I'm not going to comment on what I was thinking when I read your title.

I took the test as well and wound up in the same general area as you did but higher and to the right. I liked what I saw but felt that the test wasn't nearly nuanced as it needed to be.

There were several questions that really stumped me (it took me nearly 20 minutes to answer the questions instead of the advertised 3-5) because I had LOTS of opinions about the possible answers and had to sort through my feelings and then I usually had to pick between two possible values because my answer fell in between the possible answers. That was probably part of the test but I feel that I failed that part of the test and got a slightly skewed rating because some of my answers really don't fall within a simple yes/no continuum.

Reading that last statement suggests that I've finally achieved my goal of thinking like an economist and am now only fit for the insane asylum and for scaring small children (now kids, if you don't study hard you might end up like him).

Harry Truman once asked to interview one armed economists so he wouldn't have to listen to the phrase "on the other hand..."

The Minstrel Boy said...

i ended up in the nelson mandela/dalai lama territory too.

i'm pretty conservative when it all comes down. i like it when i'm left alone.

but, i also realize that free markets mean freedom to compete without the interference of monopolies.

mike said...

Shades of Maslow!!

I have to believe that as an Obama supporter you scored above the line, very high above the line. But then perhaps you are not a true Obamanista???

Or as an old test-taker perhaps there was a little jiggery-pokery done to get down there with Tensin Gyatso. :-)

FDChief said...

Definately a blunt instrument of a test.

My personal beliefs and my politics don't match well this year. As I said, I'm an Edwards populist and socialist by nature. Obama is just my stalking horse because of the two bad choices I thought him the least bad. The Democratic Party has been a disappointment to me since the DLC remade us into "GOP Lite".

Generally I tend to be an irascible, heavily armed grouch. I distrust altruistic schemes only slightly less than I distrust corporations who want to sell me things, and find people most tolerable in small groups. I tend to be perfrectly willing to let people go to hell in their own handbasket providing they expect me neither to cheer nor to contribute to their immolation financially or physically.

Needless to say, I find myself shaking my head at the news a LOT...

Publius said...

I was about in the same area as you, Chief. Values were -6.88 and -5.23, whatever that means.

Pluto, you're taking this entirely too seriously. And you shouldn't do so. As one with some experience in this field, the value lies in immediate responses. These ain't take-home exams. Lighten up.

Mike, how in the world would you think an Obama supporter would be above the line? Is your animus that great?

BTW, for those who care, I'm very much like FDChief. Old white dude, retired Army officer, something that automatically makes me suspect in some circles. Some people out there will likely never realize it, but guys like me and FDChief might actually be the best friends they never knew or acknowledged.