Sunday, June 01, 2008

Everyone out at once!

On the stunningly unexpected Scottie McClellan revelations that the Bush Administration is characterized by an insanely partisan, uninformed, propagandistic conviction of its own destiny unswayed by events, facts or other intrusions of the reality-based world outside, that insulates the simplistic Decider from the regrettable consequences of his frequent lapses in judgement, and was crafted from the start to put its own goals ahead of protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States as well as the best interests of the American public?Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.
[aloud] Everybody out at once!


Lisa said...

And I always heard the bad sleep well. Bad faith (feith?) is catching up with Scotty.

pluto said...

Under the heading of stupid tricks, Bush is at it again.

The link below is to an article in Forbes magazine detailing Henry Paulson's trip to the Middle East where he will attempt to convince the Arab leadership of the following "truths":
1. It would be good for them to ship more oil (as you'll recall Bush made a personal plea last month and got publicly scolded, can't imagine that Paulson will do much better)
2. They should open their oil fields to more development by US companies with minimal government oversight (highly unlikely in the best of times, impossible now)
3. They should buy more American goods to soak off their ever-increasing abundance of dollars (not going to happen, the fashion in the Arabian peninsula is all for European goods this year).

Hank Paulson's a good guy, one of the two half-way capable people in the Bush administration (the other is Bob Gates) but all he's going to get is a really good barbeque out in the desert with no beer.

So our energy policy has fallen to repeatedly begging other countries to do things that are not in their best interests. I continue to be deeply impressed with the depths to which the Bush administration plunges. If this isn't leadership, then gosh darn it, what is it?

FDChief said...

Lisa: there's a special grid in Hell reserved for those who wait until too late to speak the truth to power. I hope to be able to peer from my furnace and enjoy the grill marks on Scottie's ass.

Pluto: You mean these goobers actually pretend to have an energy "policy" (a policy outside "let's figure out what's best for the oil majors and do it", that is)?

Well, fuck me runnin'! And here I was ready to cut them some slack because I figured that Captain Codpiece the Decider Monkey was making it all up as he went along.

That's it. From now on, you and Dick Cheney are cut off from sitting up in the White House kitchen gutsing "Marshmallow Mateys" and reading the ads in AAPG Journal, George.

pluto said...

The humor, oh the humor! It's sharp enough to shave steel. And oh so true!