Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot Mix Asphalt

It was FUCKIN' hot.

Which, of course, means it was time to go and test asphalt pavement. You know when you're really, really hot? How the sweat trickles down your temples, and down the small of your back?

That's hot. It's probably in the 90's

Then, you know, the time when the sweat trickles down inside your pants leg, an elusive drip of hot, salty water that runs down into the top of your boot?

That's really hot. It's hit 100 or more.

Then you go and stand out on some fresh hot asphalt. Pipin' hot. Right-out-of-the-batch-plant hot. The heat rises off the asphalt in a shimmer so dense you can feel it. It bakes right up through the thick soles of your steel-toed boots, right through your work pants into your flesh. The trickles become streams, you feel your entire body start to glow and then you feel it: that dainty tickle as the first sweat-stream runs down the crack of your ass!!!

That's fuckin' hot.

It was fuckin' hot.

1 comment:

walternatives said...

We've had something like 50 days in a row with temps over 100, but I'm not standing outside in it, and certainly not standing on fresh asphalt.

I can't imagine that. I truly can't.