Friday, October 03, 2008

Have to Get Away!

Missed the Debate (Lower Half) last night but here's what I get out of the day-after comments:Sweet.

AND I note that the "This Time Don't Fuck It Up, You Mooks Bailout Recovery Act" has cleared the House.

Hmmmm. What's that about troubles and battalions?

But, hey, who cares? I'm on Vacation! Mojo and I are leaving hearth, home and kiddies for a whole day away at the Carson Hot Springs Spa and Oilatorium. Whoohoo! I'll be back sometime later in the weekend.

Until then, enjoy the adorable kitty and the treat she brought in to us this morning at 5am. I knew something was up when the I stumbled into the bathroom and there was the Nitteous One lying on the floor. That was wrong. She NEVER sleeps on the floor.

"What's all this, then?" I growled. She mwyurped at me, which is her way of shrugging: "Who, me? Nothing to see here. Just move along, nope, nothing going on, just little me not doing a thing." So I scooted her and, sure enough, there was little Jerry Mouse huddled under a towel. Poor critter, I hucked it back outside as the Black One scampered after still looking for Meals on Wheels.Bad, Naughty, EVIL Nitty!!

No Tender Vittles for you!



wzgirl said...

Looks like Nitty wanted to give you your BDay present a little early!

Happy Birthday, Chief! Hope your weekend is as fun as Mojo's was! xoxoxoxo!

Katie J said...

Happy Birthday and congrats! (I'm a reader of your honey's blog.)

Red Sand said...

Happy Birthday, kind sir! Hope the day away is/was wonderful.

Lisa said...

I hope wee mousie survived the capture and release. Happy Birthday!

FDChief said...

Thanks to all for the kind thoughts and I THINK the little guy escaped, if only because the Nitteous One appeared out of sorts the rest of the day.