Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waiting for the Weekend

Lots going on, even if I DID have to work Saturday morning...

Here we are ready to go out to St. John's Pub for some FINE Tater Tots and a chewy Porter or three on Saturday night. Note My Little Pony, Missy's new friend. Girl loves her some little ponies. Sigh.Here we are about midday, me and the Peep out at Kelly Point Park, digging for corpses buried by the local gangstas. Seriously, KPP used to be a significant hangout for the local G's. Not so much now.What it WAS was freakin' cold, with a raw wind blowing off the Columbia. So we hustled back to the truck and went to Home Depot (more of which later).

Here's Little Miss in her stylin' leopard outfit and flirty Little Black Skirt chowing down on some megadelicioso Curly Fries.

She's a cutie, all right.

Think about her, you little toddler boys, and her daddy will take your wubbie and make you cry.

Please note that I dressed her in her adorable little outfit, giving the lie to Mojo's claim that I cannot be trusted to dress the Baby Girl.

The Peeper loves him some Curly Fries, too.

...our Missy is an often-early riser, and Sunday she wanted to wear my B-robe.

Scary how this little girl can be cute in just about anything...

...and everything.

She's been a real delight all weekend, constantly having fun, giggling and playing and being silly. Tonight she "helped" me with the laundry by climbing on the bed, leaping into the clothes, climbing the overturned laundry basket and jumping off of it, too, rolling and and hiding under the pile of clothes, and finally flinging handfuls of socks off into the aether. All the while giggling and chuckling like a madwoman.

What a nut.

Here's a fun little sequence with Missy and Mojo: the girls at supperDaddy's taking our picture. Should we do something?Okay.Silly rabbits.

Mojo brought home a huge sack of Mardigras beads, which the sprouts had fun trying on and playing with.

Here's missy capering in front of the mirror...

I liked this one because while Peeper was turned away she went totally bugnuts, and you can see the result in the picture.

Today the Peep went to the birthday party of a little girl from daycare. Frankly, I don't think he knows Lucinda from Eve, but he made up important toy-giving numbers.

And the party was fun, whether at Columbia Pool......where Peeper met Henry, an old buddy of his who's now going to another preschool.

At least this time I wasn't the only parent swimming, as I was at the last pool party. THAT felt wierd, I'll tell you.

But what was wierd was that there were THREE parties at the pool, and (not knowing the child or her parents) we wandered into the wrong one, dropped off our prezzie and bags and went out to swim.

Thankfully, the surprised dad brought out present out BEFORE she opened it. Oops...

But the party was the most tolerable kid party I've been to, with actual adult food and drink, a really casual attitude and lots of fun for the kids. The unicorn-donkey(?) pinata was worth the price of admission. I'm sorry that Mojo stayed home with Missy; I think she would have had fun with the cool moms there. There was even an alumna of the Breakneck Betties, last year's Portland flattrack season champs! Hooooaaahhh!!

Much jollility was had by peepers and moms, dads, grands and grams alike. The pinata was destroyed - note to parents: those little plastic boxes of orange tic-tacs? Will NOT survive bludgeoning with a baseball bat. So think before stuffing them in a pinata. I'm just saying.

Oh, and dogs WILL lick orange tic-tacs. Repeatedly.

Peeper had a great time, and was a generally great kid. Fun party.At one or another time during the weekend I managed to finish Missy's bedroom vault ceiling; all 2" cedar tongue-and-groove. And started the taping and plastering for the drywall. Go, Home Depot!I really like the effect of the high ceiling, evethough it means a LOT of filling, sanding and finishing the hideous old truss beams.Okay, so I have a survey. We're looking at several styles of crown moulding for Missy's bedroom.

This is the most complex and formal,the "braided rope" style:This is what I call the "Home Depot Common" style, a very plain and standard crown moulding:This is a little more complicated and fun, what I call the "Venetian" style moulding:And last is the very delicate "Vine" style:What do you think; which do you like? Let me know in the comments, I'd appreciate whatever reaction you have; the more input, the more better.

Anyway, have a great week. And I've been posting my ass off today - be sure and scroll down if you have the time and a yen to read. Thanks!


Charles Gittings said...

Home Depot common.

walternatives said...

I'm with Charles on this - the Common. The ceiling is visually complex (deliciously so) thus don't add any competing elements.

I am astounded with that ceiling! You did a great job, Chief!

sheerahkahn said...

Have to agree, your molding is detracting from the rich luster of the ceiling.
Go with a plain painted molding, and let the ceiling be your Sistine chapel!

Lisa said...

I'm with Charles and the rest--simple, so as not to compete with the beautiful ceiling. You did a wonderful job on it.

You did a fine job with the Leopard print outfitting -- it is very Bond Street.

You Know Where You Are With said...

Love all the kiddo deliciousness going on in these photos!

I, too, am most attracted to the graphic minimalism of the "common" molding.

Publius said...

Man, such talent. Really looks good, Chief. I'm with the rest: KISS principle. Common.

pluto said...

I kind of like the braided rope style but the rest of the group is probably right that the common style would work best because you really want for people to appreciate your hard work.

atomic mama said...

Common or rope. The others are too complex. Good looking ceiling! As is the fam...

Anonymous said...

I prefer the common, it seems to fit best with the ceiling style (and having lived in a house with ornate mouldings the dusting of them bites).

Red Sand said...

Common or vine... you're making domesticity look compellingly fun!

FDChief said...

Wow! Thank you all so much for the help with this.

It looks like I'm in the minority with liking the "vine" pattern the best. I do agree with the many assessments that the simpler moulding looks better with the busy ceiling, so I take your collective advice seriously.

Of course, the final decision will be made by She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Beeb said...

Late in the game here, but wanted to add my agreement with the majority - common. The ceiling is beautiful in its simplicity. it think fancy molding would detract/complicate.

The peeps are adorable - I always love your posts.