Monday, April 20, 2009

Yum Yum Dim Sum

This isn't dim sum! It's just an adorable little girl biting the head off a chocolate bunny.We loved the bunny, Grandma, but next time try Cadbury's. The bunnies you got them worked for three and five but fifty-one found them rather nasty. Has to be some benefit in it for the Daddy, y'know...OK - so here we are enjoying one of our little family traditions; going out for dim sum at one of the old Chinatown restaurants on Sunday. Missy and I love the taro and green-beans-in-black-bean-sauce and the humbows and the egg tarts. Tried their chicken feet - very lacking in crispy! And I'm sorry, India, but the turnip cake tastes like, well, turnips, forchrissake.But me and The Girl loves us our dim sum.

The Peeper has no truck with this dim sum stuff, and we always stop to get him some fast food pancakes. He does like the live crabs, though.Back in a ricky-tick. Hope you're getting some of the lovely sunny spring weather we're enjoying!


Red Sand said...

Hungry now. Thanks for that! Nah, I'm with you on the chocolate - has to be the good stuff or it's just sugar. I was struck by how less little the little ones are looking... time is doing its thing.

atomic mama said...

What?! Blasphemy! They taste like ambrosia!