Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Darn Hot

At 104 the only people dressed appropriately for work today are the baristas at Sadie's Hot Spot, the sexpresso place up the road on McLoughlin.

It's just too damn hot to work. It's almost too hot to think. I feel like an old dog who just wants to lie in the shade and pant.

We have about two or three of these heat waves a summer. We all know they're going to happen, we all suffer and sweat and hate them every time they do. And yet, we always make a big deal out of them, like somehow they're a nasty surprise we didn't expect. Go figure.

Lisa asks if we don't cool down in the evening, and we usually do. But when these big summer high pressures build up they trap the heat and humidity and smog over the valley. This morning at 5:30 the air had that hot, breathless feeling that means it didn't really cool down overnight. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

Since I've posted the cheesecake, I should be fair and expose myself too. Here's how I had to go to work this morning (less the steel-toed boots, which were just too miserable to wear in past the door):And here's how I looked within about 10 seconds after getting back to the shop this afternoon:Now you see why I work in the soils engineering business.

I just don't have the legs to make it as a runway model.

Hard to believe, I know. But it's true.

Jesus wept, it's fucking hot.


Lisa said...

Didn't know you got that hot. At least you have cool eves, right?

Lisa said...

If it's any solace, I am uniquely poised to commiserate with you. One simply must go native in this weather.

(Thank you for your bit of cheesecake, too.)

Barry said...

Wow. I had always that that 'cool and damp' was the constant in Western Oregon.

Pluto said...

Jeez, Chief, that's HOT!!

Took a look at your location on weather.com and I see you're facing another scorcher today.

Thank your lucky stars you've got lower dew points than we get when it gets this hot. I mean a dew point of 65 when the temp is 105 is bad but a dew point of 80+ makes it infinitely worse.

Ironically we've had a cool summer and with May being our hottest month so far this year (go figure). Hopefully this doesn't mean that we're in for a cold winter. Temps around -40 are as hard to deal with as 105.

basilbeast said...

umm, technically it should be "Harry Beefcake".

Cheryl might get the "cheesecake".

Odd weather, here in Kansas it should be upper 90s into the hundreds, but here at 320 PM, its 74 ( in the daylight mind you ) and last night 58.


But that's the way I like it, uh huh, that's the way . . . .


Lisa said...

Thanks for the correction, bb. I can be far out of the pop cultural loop, at times. Sometimes, just plain loopy.

Publius said...

Got a call yesterday from my buddy, who was visiting his nephew in Lake Oswego. He confirmed your tale of woe about the weather. He's from Florida and remarked it was hotter than in our neck of the woods.

In the SF Bay Area, they call the fog bank that almost always sits right off the coast the "air conditioner." It's why all those tourists end up buying sweatshirts in July. But every so often, the fog disappears. Every summer, I could expect a few days up to 110. And we didn't have a/c. Wouldn't put it in either, not for maybe 10 days a year.

But it's a dry heat, right?