Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogrolling: Seven Shades of Awesome

This blog caught my eye while searching for some stock pictures from the film "How To Train Your Dragon".

Speaking of "dragon", have you seen this flick yet? Little man and I caught it today at Lloyd Center. Fun, exciting and visually interesting...although Big Peep was very scared when the title character Toothless the Dragon is in danger. The action is typically hyperkinetic (is there an action/adventure film made now that doesn't go into warp speed when the bullets/axes/arrows/kung-fu starts flying?) and that had the little guy pretty frightened. Plus he's a little softie, my Peep, and didn't want the nice dragon to get hurt. The happy ending didn't placate him - he was still sniffling in the parking lot.Anyway, HTTYD is worth a look, especially if your kiddos are action movie fans or like dragons and let's face it, who doesn't like dragons? The voice talent is good (tho I kept wondering why all the adult Vikings - it's set in some sort of Scandinavian neverland - talked like Fat Bastard) and the script is entertaining enough to prevent adults from drowning themselves in their movie popcorn ($6 for a small popcorn? WTF!?! Six bucks for popcorn isn't a snack, it's a fucking investment! Jesus wept!).

Anyway, blogrolling. The blog is "7 Shades of Awesome" and the artist, a gentleman from Brisbane, has a nice, clean streamlined sort of semi-manga style I really like. And anyone who draws Sun WuKung is jake by me.

Joe Bob says check him out.

I should tell you that Mojo and I had a wonderful weekend; we got out Saturday night to take in the Rose City Rollers roller derby down at the Oak Park Hangar - good fun, and the derby was...interesting. Usually when we go one team, or one skater for one team, is head-and-shoulders (and sometimes even all the way down to the bustier) better than the other(s).

This was NOT the case last night. The two teams - both from the four local groups that make up the Rollers - were fairly even, and there was no real standout skater although this woman, who skates under the wonderful name of "Licker N Split", was among the better for the "Breakneck Betties" as her rival "Cadillac" was for the "Guns n' Rollers"

The one-sided bouts make for an exciting show, as the skater or skaters slide, weave and dive past their opponents on the way to victory. Last night was more like a real bout. Both teams were about evenly matched, and there was a lot of tactical skating going on; several jams ended without points, as the two teams fought for advantage but never got it, and finally one or the other called off the jam to prevent the other from scoring. It was "tactical derby", if you will, and if you like that sort of thing. I do, and did.

Then we went out with some friends, had good talk and good drink taken until the late evening when we retreated to the Heron Haus, the lovely little B&B we stayed at on our honeymoon night. It was a secluded, pretty and languid as we remembered, and we drifted home just before noon feeling very well rested.Delightful weekend, and hope you enjoyed yours, as well.

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Sounds like a nice weekend, thanks for sharing.