Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Jukebox 2: West End Girls

I really liked the sly groove these guys laid down; it was very...British.In a sort of post-imperial, we're-so-far-down-that-even-Thatcherism-looks-up-from-here, bleak working-class yobbo sort of way.

I'm fascinated by the ways that the hard-case, left-behind kids - the people who usually end up making the best music - turn their reality (no job, no money, no future) into art. Fifty Cent would have made this into a grab-yo-junk, driving, vaunting sort of rap tune. Eminem would have made it ugly and up at you like a fist in the face. John Lennon would have made it a poppy protest song. Elvis...well, Elvis would have just shagged the West End Girl and gone out for something fried and nasty. These guys produced a dance tune.

Have a nice Friday.

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Lisa said...

A catchy tune, and a great observation on pop music.