Friday, January 21, 2011


So we seem to be the domestic servants for a "Calico Tabby" (or Patterned Calico) domestic shorthair and a full solid (or "self" colored) black/ebony domestic longhair.It's always good to know whom you serve.Fascinating little cat chart, courtesy of Jezebel.


Meghan H said...

Photo evidence suggests Lily has mellowed a fair bit. I think when I first met you, lo, these many (11?) years ago, she was an ill-tempered scrapper.

FDChief said...

Like the rest of us, Meghan, she's become more thoughtful with age. And I think that being able to get outside and run around, little as she does it anymore, helps her work off that ill-temper. But I wish she'd stop catching birds. Wench.